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  • Population Seville Capital approximately 683.000.
  • Average Temperature: 20 C (68F). Summer 35C (95F) and winter 15C (59F)
  • Because of its range of well-preserved building from every era and style, movie directors from around the world felt in love with Seville
  • You can found them all over the world, but the tapas are originally from Seville, typical tapas in Seville include spinach and chickpeas, baby squid and Iberian ham
  • Cristobal Colón (Christopher Columbus) started from a port close to Seville to discover the “New World”. Today the Sevillians claim that he is buried in Seville’s gothic cathedral.
  • The Expo which took place 1992 in Seville put the city back on the map. A high-speed rail (AVE) linking Seville to Madrid and a new airport transformed the city.
  • The famous history figure “Don Juan” started from Seville to conquer the hearts of woman across all Europe.
  • Seville is the centre of Flamenco, bullfighting and the heart of the Andalusian culture.
  • The orange trees stand out in Seville’s landscape. In December and January the oranges appear and are followed by the sweet-scented white blossom in March and April.
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