Our client's opinion

  • It was the first time our team had to organise such a large conference, and it would not have been possible without Lamar de Eventos. They helped and advised us from the very beginning and following conclusion of the event with generosity, always sharing their knowledge and skills to ensure the event’s success. There is no doubt that you will be more than satisfied with Lamar de Eventos.

    Maxence Viallon
    Dissemination Manager
    Leitat Technological Center
  • This year we will be holding our 5th Symposium on Vaccines for everyone, and we are pleased that a large number of paediatricians and nurses will be attending. And we are also very pleased to be able, for the second time, to count on Lamar de Eventos to manage the symposium’s Secretariat. We simply wish to express our appreciation for this company, which can be defined with three words. First of all the accessibility shown by all the members of the company who have been in contact with us, in particular Martina and Amparo; accessibility because it was always easy to contact them and resolve the daily problems inherent to any type of organisation. Secondly, diligence, in particular the day of the Symposium but also before, regarding the different and often unusual issues that arose. And above all, great flexibility in adopting solutions that at times can be difficult, bearing in mind the number of people attending these events with specific needs, both as speakers and participants. Another important aspect to be taken into account is that they have proven to be very competitive at a time when handling the matter of sponsors and suppliers is difficult and complex…We have selected them to work with us again this year, and we look forward to working with them in future editions.

    Javier Álvarez Aldeán
    V Jornadas de Vacunas para todos
  • I contacted Lamar de Eventos based on a recommendation, which proved to be excellent. Very professional, excellent attention and absolute willingness to solve problems from the very beginning. Thanks to their help and recommendations, everything was much easier and turned out perfectly well.

    Gema Pulido
    Marketing Laboratorio
    JUDE Medical SPAIN
  • On conclusion of the 103rd Executive Board Meeting of the World Tourism Organisation held from 9th to 11h May at the Malaga Trade Fair and Conference Centre, it is with great pleasure that I write to congratulate you for the excellent work performed by Lamar de Eventos during the organisation of this event. In particular, I wish to thank your entire team for going out of its way to assist the WTO, contributing to the final success of the meeting, at which all programmed objectives were achieved. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for your collaboration, and congratulations.

    Munir Rayes
    Chief of Conference Services
    World Tourism Organisation
  • We have been very fortunate to have counted on Lamar de Eventos for the 20th National Congress of Young Entrepreneurs; their work was excellent. They stand out for their exquisite customer service and great willingness and effectiveness in solving any incident that may arise during the event. The team is assertive, enthusiastic, adaptable and very professional in all circumstances. We love working with them because of the tranquillity and trust they generate, and without a doubt will work with them again.

    Mar Recuna
    Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Málaga
  • Lamar de Eventos helped us organise the symposium for the inauguration of our clinic in Marbella. María leads a great team that is friendly, willing, flexible and effective. I recommend them without any doubt.

    DR. Adrián Guerrero
    Clínica Guerrero
  • When we considered organising the First International Conference on Smart Homes and Renewable Architecture (SHUR2015), we were overwhelmed by the large number of tasks we would have to deal with. In fact, the assistance and coverage provided by Lamar de Eventos turned out to be essential for the organisation of the conference. Hence we are very thankful to the whole team, and in particular to María Canivell for her dedication and involvement, geared at making the organisation of the event as easy as possible for us, and of the parallel events as well. It is very clear to us that we want them to organise our next events (which will be many given the sector in which we are involved). Many thanks for everything.

    Director of the Master’s in del Máster de Domótica y Eficiencia Energética
    University of Malaga
  • The organisation of the 9th International Conference on Pseudomonas syringae was excellent due to the work of Lamar de Eventos, which was greatly praised by many participants and by the organisers of the event. They managed all the details, ranging from organising the talks and posters to dealing with the most relevant social aspects. Lamar de Eventos’ collaboration turned out to be essential for the success of the Conference.

    University of Málaga
  • Extremely professional, attentive, efficient, committed to their work. They do not leave anything up to chance, and make sure that everything will turn out perfectly. Working with the team at Lamar de Eventos is a real pleasure.

    16th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference
  • We worked with Lamar de Eventos to manage the technical secretariat of the Europhras Conference and the results were fully satisfactory. From the very beginning they adopted a flexible working work methodology in respect to planning the budget, etc. We would like to highlight their personable and at the same time professional manner, their rapid response to incidents and in depth follow-up of all phases of the conference. We are very pleased with the results, and would definitely count on their services again.

  • I discovered Lamar de Eventos through a trustworthy colleague and friend, who advised me to ask for help with the organisation of my courses. From then on everything was much easier and pleasant, thanks to their collaboration, and their ease and friendliness in attending to everything and everyone. I have also recommended them, and will continue counting on them to organise future courses.

    Member of the Pediatric Section of SEDAR
    Vocal de la Sección Pediátrica de la SEDAR
  • As General Director of an important American investment group devoted to acquiring hotels, the events that I organise have to be executed in an extremely professional manner, with utmost quality and seriousness, since the guests include the city’s most important personalities and investors, and we want to show them that we know how to do things well. With this objective in mind, I have always counted on the collaboration of Maria Canivell and Lamar de Eventos. Her willingness and professionalism, and that of her team, have contributed to the success of all of the hotel presentations we have organised. We will without a doubt count on them again for the inauguration of our next hotel. Lamar de Eventos, many thanks for everything.

    Director General
  • During the time that Lamar de Eventos provided its services to the Museo Picasso Malaga in tasks related to the organisation of events and protocol, both María Canivell and Martina Pineda acted with great professionalism, initiative and organisation. In particular, their availability and experience are the aspects that clearly stand out when working with them.

    Head of Communication and Press Relations
    Museo Picasso Málaga
  • The organisation of the 16th Conference of the Spanish Society of Plant Pathology was excellent, thanks to the work of Lamar de Eventos, regarding which we received congratulations from many participants and organisers. They handled all the details, ranging from the organisation of the talks and the posters to the relevant social aspects. Lamar de Eventos’ intervention was essential for the success of this conference.

    Full Professor
    University of Malaga
  • As Director of the Malaga Convention Bureau, our experience working with Lamar de Eventos has been more than satisfactory. Their capacity to manage large and important international conferences such as l Euroarab Forum, with a great deal of complexity in having to deal with top ranking municipal and regional authorities from Europe and Arab countries, has been clearly demonstrated given the conference’s final success. Other major events in the industry meeting segment, such as the Spain Convention Bureau MICE Forum, or in the world tourism segment, such as the WTO Executive Board Meeting, were held in our city with great repercussion and total success thanks to their excellent work as technical secretariat and for the general coordination of the events. Their capacity to adapt to changes and their flexibility to help organise events for the world of entertainment should also be highlighted, including for example the organisation of the launch of the promotional video “Somos Málaga”, which brought together more than 300 persons from the world of politics, entertainment, press, business and tourism in our city, and which was also a huge success.

    Málaga Convention Bureau
  • I have no hesitation to recommend Lamar de Eventos, having worked with them for the preparations of our annual european congress in Malaga. They were a valuable partner in putting together our Community project and supporting our initiatives to make the event as sustainable as possible, many thanks Lamar de Eventos!

    Roger Simons
    CSR & Sustainable Events
  • We contacted Lamar de Eventos requesting that they organise our Dentsply Iberia Symposium, which was held in Marbella in June 2016 and was attended by more than 500 persons from 8 different countries. María, Martina, Amparo, María José and Ana brilliantly coordinated all the logistics, even performing more personal tasks, such as processing visas for foreigners. We never had a no as an answer to our petitions; on the contrary, they were always flexible. What I would really like to highlight is there proactivity, their ideas, experience and professionalism, which generated a feeling of tranquility, knowing that everything was in good hands, not only during the event but also during the previous months of preparations. I have never felt so much at ease organizing a major Symposium, thanks to the confidence we were inspired by the whole team at Lamar de Eventos.

    María Jesús Isla Gavín
    Marketing & Regulatory Affairs Manager
    Dentsply Sirona Iberia
  • We are very satisfied with the work performed by Lamar de Eventos as Technical Secretariat of the Annual Conference of the International Association of Applied Economics Asepelt at our last four conferences (Zaragoza, Malaga, Cuenca and Valencia). In addition to their great professionalism and thoroughness in the area of management, they also have proven to be very flexible in adapting to the changing needs of the venues located in different cities and even different countries.

  • We have counted on Lamar de Eventos to launch several major events, and the results were fantastic. They represent a safe bet of professionalism, judicious recommendations, effective work and response to our needs, impeccable manners and attention, and above all, the tranquillity of knowing that your project is in good hands.

    Marta Tafur
    Head of Marketing and Training
    MEDICAL 10 S.L.
  • We had to organise the annual conference of the Spanish Society of Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry, a major event that usually brings together 800 to 1000 dentistry professionals. We contacted several OPC regarding their assistance with the event of this size, and finally selected Lamar de Eventos because of the friendliness and warmth transmitted by Maria Canivell. It was the first time they organised an event of this sort; not only were they capable of doing so, but even exceeded our expectations. Everything was perfectly well controlled, and the conference was an absolute success in respect to the organisation and to the number of participants, 2300 in total. Since then we have seen Lamar de Eventos in more dentistry conferences and meetings, all of them perfectly well organised and always with a surprising touch. There is no doubt that we will count on them again for future events. Many thanks to the whole team at Lamar de Eventos!!!

    Dra. Rosa Gómez Laguna
    Organising Committee
    44th Annual SEPES Conference Malaga 2014